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You Are What You Eat

I want to say
Listen, please.
We are what we eat.
You let yourself watch trash tv
Every day? The shite that they pipe into us?
Come on. It's poison.
You will turn into trash
Your brain turned into mush
Parents - your kids will soon be grown
Im asking you
They are what they eat
For the love of fucking god
This is no longer a joke
We are beyond the time of calling out
truthers as conspiricists

I mean more than food
I mean our souls
We were meant to be
more than

And what we let inside of us
and rots,
and remains.
We are what we eat.
Women and girls -
what we allow into our bodies,
becomes us - we know this
It consumes us.
The bully boy we allow inside.
The headfuck who fucks us forever.

We are what we eat,
what we consume.
The news we read
The bullshit we allow ourselves to fall for
STop It
We are strong -
If we choose to be strong
We have to choose what we allow inside,
of us

The lies we believe
The propaganda
The time to be passive has passed
What we …

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