Ending it All

Yes I'm ending it all.

No, not suiciding, although the idea did become a bit appealing a few times since the last time I wrote. In fact the way that things are going on the planet it looks like my oft-predicted apocalypse may be even sooner than we thought - yay! Personally I think it will be an amazing thing for the planet, the sooner that the disease of the human race has been finally eradicated, Earth can go back to being all green and full of animals, no longer tortured in every possible unthinkable manner by evil scumbags, and y'know, actually alive and shit. Now that we have real life honest psychopaths running the world rather than people pretending not to be psychopaths, hopefully the whole process can speed up a notch and we can get on with it. I'm ready man, I may even move to the top of a mountain somewhere and become one of those hilarious "prepper" people.

So no, no suicide here. But you may or may not have noticed that I'm no longer blogging. It just seems so trite and pointless these days to write a personal blog. There is too much going on. In fact so much heartbreaking stuff in every single place you look, on the "news", all around us, lies and murder and disgusting humans in charge of entire countries, people abusing animals in the worst ways, the stuff of your worst nightmares, child refugees denied a place to live and breathe, rising fascism...

The list is too long. Everything feels fucked. If you're an empath like me, or even worse - a vegan empath susceptible to anxiety and depression (sounds fun eh? Bet you all want to hang out and party with me, please form an orderly queue... no pushing guys), then it can become overwhelming at times. But I figured out that spending whole nights weeping and wailing at the bleakness of it all, clutching onto my Malbec, actually doesn't change a damn thing. Who knew!

So, I am no longer going to blog. Instead, I am going to try and figure out what we can do to change shit. I'm going out in the real world to meet and interview people who are actually making real changes in the world and creating a positive impact. This is the time to act! Or at least, cause a shitload of trouble! We are past the point of just sitting behind our laptops and hoping that shit will be OK. Because shit will really not be OK, unless we get off our fat asses and make it OK.

I have someone very cool lined up for the first interview. Stay tuned.

Now I'm off to my SHTF Prepping Awareness course.