Why you should boycott palm oil and how to do it.

The following words from palm oil activist Shaylen Snarski speak for themselves. Please consider the products that you buy. Massive portions of rainforests are being wiped out, and the few orangutans remaining are being tortured, abused, eaten, and most disgustingly - sold into prostitution or fighting for the entertainment of humans. Together we can make a difference by making conscious choices every day.

"I recently saw a comedic commercial starring Melissa McCarthy meant to sell fuel-efficient cars by Kia with the motto “It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one.” The “It’s hard to be an eco-warrior” statement really stood out to me. In truth, being an “eco-warrior” is one of the easiest things we can do–it’s just a matter of learning a bit and adjusting our daily lives. And right now the earth is in dire need of all of us to be “eco-warriors.” The oceans are dying, the rainforests are disappearing faster than ever and mass extinctions of countless species are occurring across the globe. The biggest contributing factors of these things are the cruelest industries on the planet, such as the animal agriculture industry (meat, eggs, dairy, fishing, etc.), palm oil, etc. It can seem overwhelming and one might not know where to begin to try to fix things, so usually people give up before they begin. But all it takes to correct all of the problems (the cruelty, the mass deforestation, the genocides, the death of our oceans, the air, the soil, the water, and so on) is to stop paying for it all to happen.


Palm oil, like animal agriculture, is a leading cause for mass deforestation and pushing countless species towards a most cruel and brutal extinction. Palm oil is responsible for the clearing of over 300 football fields worth of rainforest per hour–and these rates were documented years ago, since then the palm oil industry has grown significantly and continues to grow due to lack of boycotting customers. It is responsible for both indirect and direct cruelty to animals. It is responsible for human harm as well and destroys the lives of indigenous peoples through land theft, slave labor, and harming human health from the constant purposefully induced wildfires.

Also, entire peat lands are destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations, and that too is devastating to the environment and contributes to global warming. If wildlife such as orangutans, rhinos, tigers, elephants, and countless others, aren’t being brutally slaughtered and babies being orphaned due to the violent and constant clearing of the forests, the plantation workers are hired to either bludgeon, stab, or poison to death any surviving animals who try to find food and shelter in the only land left to them: the palm oil plantations. All of this occurs for “sustainable palm oil.” “Sustainable palm oil” is nothing more than propaganda created by the biggest buyers of palm oil in the first place.


 The RSPO is just that: an organization created by the biggest palm oil buyers for the reason of sustaining their cheap oil source by pacifying customers. It is no different than the “humane meat/eggs/dairy” propaganda and is simply meant to sell its own product. There are other corporations similar to the RSPO that are just as corrupt. This is sustained and exacerbated by WWF (World Wildlife Fund), which is a highly corrupt profit organization that accepts big money from the same companies they hand out certificates of “sustainability” to. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who knows that WWF was created by and still run by elitist trophy hunters whose leaders continue to murder the very animals they ask for donations to save. Further more, these “certificates” simply mean that WWF single handedly decides that a particular rainforest is not important and so therefore, destroying it and all life within and around it, can be called “sustainable.” Since the “sustainable palm oil” marketing ploy was created, the palm oil industry has gotten vastly larger and continues to grow, causing more and more devastation to a dying planet.

Like with animal agriculture, the end product of such cruelty and unsustainability is detrimental to human health. Palm oil raises bad cholesterol (it is a very unhealthy fat) and is very carcinogenic when heated. In fact, vitamin A palmitate may be responsible for increased hip fracture rates. Retinyl palmitate, often used in cosmetics and skin “care” products, is bad for the skin as it creates damage to the skin when in contact with the sun. The irony is, all we need to do to change this, is simply not pay for it to happen in the first place, making it incredibly easy to be the most effective eco-warrior anyone could be. To me, it all ties into being vegan, because being vegan is the essential platform to correct any injustice. And indeed, anything that results in direct harm to animals is not vegan and must be considered something we must not partake in to the very best of our ability. It all goes hand in hand. No cruelty is separate from another cruelty; no injustice is separate from another injustice. It’s all very simple and essentially, very easy."

Products to boycott:


Update - other palm oil derivatives: Palm Flakes, Palm Shortening, Vegetable Shortening, Shortening, and MCT's. (Medium chain Triglycerides)... http://www.palmoilinvestigations.org/names-for-palm-oil.html.

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